Wednesday, 12/18/13

Dear Jacob: I love you so much, more and more everyday. I’m grateful for our ability to overcome, and I want to continue to show you how much I love you each day. Dear clothes: Please organize yourself!! Decide what I will and won’t actually wear, and take yourself to the donation center! *sigh* I’m sick of sorting through stuff. Dear Christmas decorations: Here I come!! Best get ready :) Dear Starbucks: Again, thank you for so loving the world that you sent your only caramel apple spice. What a great way to start out the morning :) Dear J: I get to see you on Friday!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you. Hopefully we’ll finally be able to get things with the apartment finalized and we’ll be one step closer to our new life together. I love you always.


One thought on “Wednesday, 12/18/13

  1. Dear Alyssa time away from you hurts and there’s no fancy way to put it. Days without you feel never ending and the closer time gets that will see us together the longer those days feel, as if time itself was playing a cruel gesture on me. Soon we always say which can only contain and numb the pain that being apart from you has caused however the moment we meet again the moment we touch again I will feel whole once more and continue to feel the ever comforting feeling of love once more. Dear COD: ghosts I’m starting to own people and fuck shit up I just went 35/2 which is beast. Dear informed listener today I’ve made great progress towards survival as I’ve been marking locations throughout the forest to help me navigate easier to not lose my way however in my travels I’ve made an astonishing find. I’ve finally come across a cabin to which hopefully someone lives. I’ve scouted the area and have found no trace of life however yet in the cabin a fire and food have been placed on the table I’m confused for I have found no footprints of the possible person yet a table has been set and the house is completely furnished I will continue to investigate this odd occurrence sincerely your friend  

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