Thursday, 12/12/13

Dear Jacob: Thank you for being there to calm me down as I had a mini-freak out and was overwhelmed by how much packing I had to do. We took a break to get dinner and then came back and finished packing together. Thank you so much for that!! Dear Art History final: I feel like I did pretty well, but in case I didn’t, please be kind! Dear Algebra final: That was actually better than expected!! Please don’t prove me completely wrong. Dear Broccoli Cheddar soup: You are perfect and I needed you more than you knew on this cold day. Dear J: I love you more and more each day :)


One thought on “Thursday, 12/12/13

  1. Dear Alyssa I will always be there to calm you down in times of stress for our love can withstand anything however honey I hate packing and only like the living together part and sharing our lives together Dear apartment hunting please be easy and let us get one already Dear Christmas Can you come any sooner Dear Saturday happen tomorrow so I can see my honey Dear informed citizen I hope you got my last message of me running out of food with no shelter since that letter Ive searched my location and searched the plane I crashed in and managed to get supplies and food for a couple of days I continue to look for any signs of life in this strange countryside yet no one has crossed paths with me but I will continue to have hope that someone will find me………until then unknown listener your friend

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