The World Needs More Love Letters

The world needs more love letters. Simple as that. I came across a particularly powerful TED talk by Hannah Brencher, which you can watch here. In this talk, Brencher reminisces on how her mother never believed in email or facebook, and always wrote her handwritten letters in college. When Brencher moved to New York City, she did the same, writing love letters to strangers and tucking them away throughout the city. I had found one if her letters through Pinterest, titled ‘A Love Letter to the College Freshman’ which is truly beautiful and you can read it on her website,, here.

I was inspired by these letters, and I would love to do the same. Sure, I’m not certain about how much wisdom I can necessarily give out, but I’d like to try. This begins a new category on my blog of love letters, love letters to every type of person. To the aspiring author sitting in Starbucks, to the high school senior full of doubt about the future (read: me!), and to the mom having to learn to let go of said senior, and let them live their own life now. To the kid waiting backstage to go on for the first time, to the father giving away his bride, and to the family who just lost everything.

I want to write love letters like these to inspire people. I want people to understand that even though I may not know everything about their situation, one thing thing that all people have in common is their ability to hang on to hope. Among these, I want to write letters to myself. Letters to the future me who may stumble across this blog 5 years from now when I’ve all but forgotten about it, so that I can come back and have something relevant. Letters that I can read back on and see how things have changed, or stayed very much the same. These letters will be categorized with my other love letters, and part of just more writing. I’m interested to see how this goes, so stay tuned, and have a wonderful day. :)


Leave me your thoughts!

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