Bloopity-bloop, I haven’t posted in a while! This actually saddens me greatly, considering how semi-consistent I had gotten recently. I had actually planned putting all the pictures from days 27-31 up in this post, but my phone was being silly and decided it needed to ‘restore’ itself, leaving me with no pictures I had taken since the 24th. Essentially, all my Halloween picture are now lost :/ Thanks, Apple!

Anyway, the essence of this post was to inform you that yes, I am sorry I was inconsistent. It’s also sort of admiring defeat to those month-long Photoaday things. Literally that’s the third one I’ve done and I’ve never been able to complete one. Although I had improved, considering my first attempt (February) ended on the 14th, and the second (May) ended on the 19th.

I hope you’re all doing swell and such! Hopefully I find more time these next few weeks considering how hectic the last one was! Until then, have a great day/morning/evening!! :)


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