Senior Homecoming!

So even though homecoming was two days ago, I still want to share a bit about my day! :) So, hopefully you’ve read a little bit about the history of homecoming mums on a recent post, so you understand more about the tradition. Sooo… I wanted to show you my mum! I talked a bit about how mums keep getting bigger and bigger, and mine is no exception. Except… mine lit up. That’s right, it lit up. I had two sets of lights attached to mine, ones that were star-shaped and twinkled, and ones that simply were bright and hung down. So… without further ado: pictures!

Ignore the little drawings on my mirror lol :) My mum in all it’s lit up glory! Don’t forget that it’s white and silver as opposed to my school colors because I’m a senior. I also added some purple because its my favorite color!

Of course my friend’s here was even bigger!!!

This pic is kinda dark, but I love that you can see just how bright my mum is! :)


Last pic taken at the football game!

So the homecoming football game went well (we won 55-16!) and everyone looked great with their mums! I only wish my high school held a homecoming dance, like most schools. Even though it is a little disappointing, it just means that we make the football game extra special! I love this homecoming tradition and hope you’ve learned more about it and been able to see examples. Go Texas!!


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