Day 9- Holding Hands

So I really really like this picture. Like a lot. Honestly, my little brother (age 11, I’m 6 years older) means the world to me. I’m happy to know he looks up to me and try my best to live up to what a role model for him should be. With such an age gap, there’s also a sense of responsibility for him. Of course in the obvious ways; making sure he didn’t bump into things while learning to walk, making sure he always wears a bike helmet, and now taking him to school and taekwondo practices. But I also feel a duty to him, to inform and protect (that sounded way more like a police motto than intended) as he gets older. There are certain things that are just tough to bring up to parents, and I want Alex to know I’ll answer anything for him as honestly as I can, because he deserves it. Even when we get on eachother’s last nerve, I’m still thankful for him. I’m thankful to know matter what happens in this life, I know I’m never truly alone. Besides my parents, I’m the only person he’s known his entire life, and I think that brings a specialness that can’t be found with anything other than a sibling.

So in case you missed all that, I really love my little brother :)



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