So here it is; eating patterns. No, not when or where or what I eat, but how. Specifically small, things in different colors. I eat, for lack of a better description, in patterns. I’ll pour out a handful of Skittles and line them up into a pattern, eating the ones that don’t fit in. A lot of times, I’ll have a set pattern that will inverse halfway through, so I end up ending where I began. I’ve noticed myself doing thing almost subconsciously before, without lining things up, inaverdantly eating a blueberry, then strawberry, then blackberry, and back to blueberry again.


Half the time, if I’m eating those gummy fruit snacks or M&Ms or gummy worms it really doesn’t matter the order, all the tastes are pretty similar. But, for some odd reason, I just like the idea of ending in the same way I began. Like it makes things more complete. Look at me, putting deeper meaning to Skittles ;) So there it is, my pattern-eating revealed. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!


One thought on “Pattern-Eater

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