Clicking Wheels

So I’m currently sitting in an airport. I haven’t flown in a while, and it’s odd remembering little quirks about things. I remember when I was younger (say 5-6) the airport was one of those few places that had automatic toilets. They used to freak me out so badly!! The other thing I’ve noticed is the noise. Not just the thousands of people getting from one place to another, but the noise their luggage makes. Everywhere you go in the airport, all you hear is click click click click of suitcase wheels on the tiled floors. And at first, I was like ‘oh, yeah I forgot that noise’ but now I’m sitting here just like ‘ohmygosh all I hear is suitcase clicks!!’ Apparently older me is far more annoyed by these things. Anyway, that’s just one of those random annoyences I found. Hope you all have a fantabulous rest of your day :)


One thought on “Clicking Wheels

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