Hiccups at Midnight

There are few things more annoying or inconvenient as hiccups. The thing about hiccups is that you never know when you’re gonna get them! Not only that, but it’s a body function that makes you feel like you’re not in control.

Random as this may sound, I bring this up because of last night. While laying in bed watching the awesomeness that is youtube, I got the hiccups. At like midnight! I was just laying there all nonchalantly, falling asleep and out of nowhere- HICCUP! Needless to say, this brought on a slew of trying all the ways of trying to get rid of them. I held my breath, drank glass after glass of water, tried to ignore them, held my breath while drinking, laid upside down, and eventually just ended up having to use the restroom after all the water.

BUT THEN I had finally found my magic remedy. I had heard of it before, but wasn’t willing to try it without a sink handy to spill over. Essentially, you fill a glass of water and drink it from the opposite side. As in, drink from the side of the cup furthest away from you. The whole process is really awkward and involves leaning forward to finish the cup, but I think it’s this action that for some reason cure my hiccups! Anyways, are there any foolproof ways you get rid of hiccups? I’d love to hear them! Until then, have a fantabulous day :)


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