Purple Hair, Don’t Care

So today began my endeavor of purple streaks in my hair! :) First, the before:


of course the during:


and finally, the after :)
I ended up just getting a trim rather than anything else since I want to keep growing my hair out for Locks of Love (it’ll be my 3rd time!) so I focused on getting the color in the picture.


I’ll be the first to admit it is a bit tough to see, but it all kinda depends on the lighting. Because my hair is so dark, I had to first bleach it, then dye that purple. The purple wash out eventually, leaving me with the bleached strands which can be redyed again a different color! I’m feeling a hot link or red next :) Anyways, that was my day! Also, side note, isn’t it annoying how perfect your hair looks after leaving the salon? I hate knowing I can never get my hair to look that good at home! Ah well, this is why we have amazing stylists! <3


Leave me your thoughts!

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